About Me
I'm a developer from Argentina, born on feb 28 1990, focused mostly on PHP, Javascript and Java. I can speak spanish (native) and english (Cambridge's FCE). I like web design, web development, drawing, music and M.M.A.
I'm currently studying Computer Sciences at Universidad Nacional del Sur. I'm also workign as freelancer on CORP Soluciones (mostly extending and working with Joomla!, but I've also written some software using CodeIgniter and JQuery) and Zhng Design Studio (as the main programmer).

PHP is the main language is use for web developing, as it's the most widely used language for such task. Some of my biggest projects with PHP include

  • akaikiwi - A PHP5 MVC framework, with features like ORM, Cache, CRUD generator, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), and more
  • aoipantsu - Built on top of akaikiwi, it's a web forum focused to be fast, lightweight and based on ajax.
Some other PHP projects include a simple Mu Online server website, althought the code is privative right now.
I also like writing articles and tips.

Javascript is a wondeful language by itself, when using it for web deveolpment I usually use a framework to avoid browsers mess. The framework I most like is Yahoo's YUI 3 library, I also can work with Mootools or JQuery, although it's not preferred.
Some of my biggest Javascript projects include
I have also used Javascript for other things than web development, for example, widget development, or even game development with frameworks like Unity. Also on silverlight.

Java is my choice for desktop applications and games, it's a lovely language, you can use lots of advanced features and OO organization works very nice in Java. It runs anywhere, and can compete with compiled languages like C++.
I've used Java for application development aswell as game development.
  • Color Chooser - It's a program to choose colors of your screen, it basically takes a screenshot and gives you any color you click on. You can also use it with images.
  • NekoCM Java Utils - Utils so far only include an useful printer class. It's used to generate a preview of what you are going to print, and also, print it.
I've also used Java to write games, with J2SE and J2ME. For J2SE I use Slick as a 2D game framework, which works nicely, for J2ME I just use the built in classes, and some still not released NekoCM classes which is basically just a bit of help but nothing too fancy nor away from J2ME classes.
I've also done some tutorials with Java.

I also use other languages, one application which got pretty famous is PPLOG, it's written on perl, and it's a blog which consist on only one file. It's included in Puppy Linux distribution, and can be found here.
I've also used Haxe, it's a nice open source alternative to flash, and also has some really nice features.


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