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>> Monday, March 28, 2011

As I've now started University I have less time for hobby coding, I'm working on some Java stuff now, as that's what I use at university, I'm working with slick and making some game development, not a full game though, just things like GUI and stuff, once I put together some stuff I'll finish a RPG I was working on :)
About akaikiwi, it's development has drastically stopped, but I plan on finishing it, not now, but soon, I have to do some PHP for work but all Joomla! related (which to be honest I pretty much hate Joomla! awful implementation of MVC but oh well...).
I'd really love to have more time and see more RoR and Django but right now I can't, I want to finish akaikiwi first, although I do take some ideas from those frameworks, I'm really interested in Django on Appengine, I think I'll deploy my next web app there, which is probably gonna be a designer's resource site.
Once I have more free time I'll work on some nice stuff I have on hiatus :)


NoSQL Request Injection Attacks with PHP Magic Variables

>> Monday, March 7, 2011

A "new" and interesting injection in PHP has been pointed out, and although very easy to defend against, it's pretty interesting. You can read more about it on the php website.


Blender Journey i

>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blender is one of the best examples of open source software, and also one of the best 3D tools out there, with it's fame of beeing hard to use, I decided to use that excelent piece of software to learn to create 3D models.
The reason is mostly because is free, it's lightweight, it has lots of free documentation and good support and its used by professionals.

As an indie game developer I've done some nice games, I finished a few and started a lot, I have experience with 2D but I really want to try with 3D, and knowing how to use a 3D program and knowing 3D jargon will make my life way easier, plus I like to make my own resources for my games :)
The idea is using blender to make models, then I'll use Unity to create games.

I'll be reporting on my Blender journey here, I'll be using this free book, right now I read the first few chapters, until the simple man with a hat, which I made and looked funny, but similar to the one in the book :)


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