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>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is a little program I made for my girlfriend (Alba ♥!) and i really liked helping her, also the program ended up very nicely, she had a very good idea!
The program is in spanish but you can make an idea easily :)

What is it about?
Well my girlfriend had a problem, she sometimes wanted to get the color of something on her screen, but it takes way too long to take a screenshot, open photoshop, zoom and then extract the color, so this program makes it easy! It's simplistic as i like my programs to be!

Here you can see the main window, you just click there to take a screenshot, a new window will open with the screenshot and more options!

That is a screenshot of my desktop (Yes, i use Windows XP) just click anywhere to get the color, your cursor will change to a crossair, you have three buttons there also, you can zoom with those if its hard to get the color you want!
You can get my program clicking the following links:
Hope you find it useful! Special thanks to my girlfriend, Alba, for her great idea! ♥

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