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>> Monday, May 10, 2010

I've spent quite a while deciding on which Ruby GUI library to use, and I decided I'll go for the simple, FXRuby is a great choice, I'm so happy I could get the book I'll write a progressive series of tutorials about FXRuby here :)
I decided to go back to Ruby GUI because I'm planning on some nice projects, and I always liked Ruby over Python, I dont really know why, but to make a long story short, I'll make a list with the benefits of FXRuby

  • You can make an OpenGL Canvas to use OpenGL and 3D in your program
  • It's included in Windows and Mac distribution of Ruby
  • It looks the same on all OS's, and I think it looks nice :) 
  • It's fast, as its basically a Ruby abstraction of the original C++ library (although there is a good part of FXRuby written in ruby)
  • It's Object Oriented, this makes it very easy to extend each widget, as I'm used to Java Swing, this is a very important point for me, as I find this very convenient
  • It's easy to learn compared to other huge libraries
  • And more :) 
There is a nice documentation on this, but it's not so popular, so i decided to help it out by writing my own tutorial serie, once I finish, the series will be available in PDF and examples code.
The first tutorial will be out soon, be ready!

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