>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

So, as DarkBASIC Pro is free now, I decided it may worth trying it. I tried DarkGDK and Blitz before.
What I love about DBPRO are the commands.
They are pretty nice, I'm playing with networking right now and it works pretty well, also the documentation, for someone who actually can program in a competent language, is very easy to understand and helps a lot, you don't really need much more documentation than the one the editor's help documents give you.
That's another thing, the editor is pretty nice :)
I didn't try 3D stuff yet as I do not know much about it, but what I tried so far seems very good.
The language, of course, has it's limitations, even more than others BASIC dialects, but it's nice enough as to let you make games.
Pretty "big" games have been made with the language, so it's possible, and easy to pick up.
If you really hate DBPRO language you can use GDK which is basically all DBPRO specific functions in available in C++.
Also, DBPRO uses DirectX 9.0c and they may port it to DX10, which would be pretty nice indeed.
As it's aimed to beginners help at the forums and functions itself in the language are pretty easy to use, and one of the best choices to begin game programming.
I'm even considering making a guide about it, I'll surely make some tutorials which I may add there if i do make it :)
So! I'm playing with game programming here, planning a nice series of tutorials to share the world, wish me luck!

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