>> Monday, January 31, 2011

So I've been working on akaikiwi a lot lately, I took a little break now as I'm not home for a week, but I'm working on documentation and adding issues now :)
akaikiwi is a PHP MVC framework, focused on beeing lightweight and fast. It's going really nicely so far.
You can see the repo here: http://code.google.com/p/akaikiwi/
I'm working on the wiki right now, it's still kind of far from first release, but it might not take that long, it just needs some fixes, a bit new features and a lot of testing.
Once that's done, I'll consider the first release :)
For now, I'll work on the wiki, you can check it to see the nice features and how to use it so far, you can also pull it from the repo if you wanna test it. I'll list some features here.


  • Very easy to learn
  • Lightweight
  • ORM
  • Very good compatibility with limited hosting accounts, works with PHP 5.2
  • Awesome performance
  • Command-line CRUD generator
  • Easy to extend
  • Debugging tools (profiling)
  • Cache
  • Simple :)

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