Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm not a Linux pro, I've used Windows way more than Linux, but with this new netbook I got I decided I want to use Linux.
I tried some distributions and ended up with this one, which is pretty nice, community is good, and also is documentation, everything works nicely, the webcam, mouse, wireless...
Right now I'm getting used to Linux, I thought it would be harder though, anyways I still want to know more, like, what is folder /opt for, and why that folder distribution, what are them for, and more, I'll read a book :)
I'm working on akaikiwi and at the same time rebuilding an old forum-like software I had with this new framework, I'll correct akaikiwi if there's a bug, and probably also add new functionality.
I'ts gonna be a very nice script I might distribute, right now though, I'm still doing the layout, I'm using Yui3 CSS Grids, and I'll probaly use the Yui3 javascript library also, I'll write more about that once I use it more, also more on akaikiwi :)
I really think I should do some benchmarks and compare with other frameworks, would be very interesting, I'm pretty sure akaikiwi is really fast.

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