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>> Monday, March 28, 2011

As I've now started University I have less time for hobby coding, I'm working on some Java stuff now, as that's what I use at university, I'm working with slick and making some game development, not a full game though, just things like GUI and stuff, once I put together some stuff I'll finish a RPG I was working on :)
About akaikiwi, it's development has drastically stopped, but I plan on finishing it, not now, but soon, I have to do some PHP for work but all Joomla! related (which to be honest I pretty much hate Joomla! awful implementation of MVC but oh well...).
I'd really love to have more time and see more RoR and Django but right now I can't, I want to finish akaikiwi first, although I do take some ideas from those frameworks, I'm really interested in Django on Appengine, I think I'll deploy my next web app there, which is probably gonna be a designer's resource site.
Once I have more free time I'll work on some nice stuff I have on hiatus :)

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