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>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My little BIP library seems to become reality in a not very distant future, of course it still needs a lot of work but as i read my books, i add and develop that part of the framework, for example i finished graphics and input chapters and i implemented them on my framework, while testing a little game :)
The final touches will be useful functions, such as a nice Sprite class, Mappy loader, etc.
Right now, i made it possible to make windowed and fullscreen games, and if windowed, the window size fixes itself so the drawing area is actually what you request.
The architecture so far is simple and similar to all libraries out there, extend the Game class, implement the abstact methods and just start making your game without worrying about low level stuff and using what you know of Java Graphics2D object.
It uses Page Flipping / Double Buffering automatically depending on the situation (Fullscreen capabilities, windowed mode, etc) and it uses "the delta method" of managing updates, this means it doesnt try to keep always the same rate of UPS' but instead it gives you the time it has passed since the last frame update so you can calculate how much to move stuff, this is also known as a way to set speed to "pixels per millisecond" which is my favourite way because its simpler.
The method i use to check for input is similar to Flixel's i think, just a static Input class with a lot of nice methods to check for keyboard and mouse events (KeyDown, KeyHit, MouseX, etc).
I will post here the progresses of my little library and i hope i can finish it and it gets to be a nice and simple library, mostly for me, and my university projects which doesn't allow me to use third party libs, but also to share with the programmers community which has helped me so much during the few years i have been around.

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