New Riders Publishing - Developing Games in Java Review

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

This book is one of the best i ever saw / read, about Java Game Programming.
It assumes you already know Java and start from Chapter 2 with game programming! (Chapter 1 is about Threads!)
It explains everything really nice, and step by step.
I just read it to Chapter 3 so far, but i felt like making a review now because i have to admit that is one of the bests i saw (I skipped some chapters to see how it is though, hehe).
If you are serious about Java game programming this is a must. I like it much more than "Killer Java Game Programming", although that is also a very good book which is reccommended to read after / before this one if you are serious on Java game programming, so i probably will finish reading that one later ;)
For now, i will keep with this one untill i finish it, im pretty excited! As i'm not a beginner game developer (not a pro also) i like to go straight to the point, and not have to eat those long Java explanations you already know! :)
This book is definitely recommended! 5/5.

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