More advances with Java and BIP

>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So right now i'm working on the Sprite class, which will handle basic sprites and spritesheets.
To use it basically you will have to make a new class and extend the Sprite class, and just define the update method. Later on the main loop just do mySprite.update(); and mySprite.draw(); and it will do :)
You will be able to add animations if it's a spritesheet, just like by doing something like addAnimation("walking", arrayOfIntsRepresentingFramesSecuence); so later you will be able to just switch animations. Also there will be an option to set a default animation, which could be the character just standing there, which will be set each time the user input is null.
Another thing the class will have is collision detection, rectangle and pixel-perfect.
The input class is pretty simple but I really like how i turned out, it's very easy to use.
Once i finish the Sprite class i think i will continue with sound, and then with tiled maps.
As i don't have much experience with network programming i dont think i add this feature for a while, at least untill i tried some games and play with networking for a while.
Also it's possible but i dont think i do, it's add 3D support, i dont have much experience in this issue and i'm not sure of Java capabilities with this, if i have to add OpenGL for this to work good i dont think i add it, mostly because i dont know much OpenGL, and also i want this to be pure java for certain reasons, so, maybe just for fun i could add it with normal Java but, we'll see, i dont really think so, plus the priority is 2D, BIP will be a 2D library so probably 3D wont be there.

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